Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old Time Pictures

Here a few pictures that I clipped from a video that Ernie made several years ago.  The images aren't too great but the video was really ancient.   If you click a picture it will show a larger version.   


Saturday, September 17, 2011


James Cagney and  Bob Hope at a Friar's Club Meeting back when actors were real performers.
Bob Hope was 52 and James Cagney was 56.

For the young folks, here is  something you probably
have never seen before and, unfortunately, you may  never see again.

For us older folks, this is the best of the best, and we had  it for many years!

This is a side of these two entertainers you hardly  ever saw but it shows you their enormous talent.

Bob Hope, the best of the  comedians, and Jimmy Cagney...mostly cast as the bad guy, gangster in the  movies.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to blog

So here you are, a blogger!  Now what?  To create a blog entry you need to be logged in. On the right there is a link that says "Already a member?  Sign in.  Click and follow instructions.

Once signed in you'll see your email address at the top and "New post" right next to it.  If you click it you'll see a window just like this one: (click the image for a bigger view)
In fact this is the window of me making this post entry.  You'll be able to preview the page, save it future use, or publish it using one of the buttons at the bottom.

You can also import pictures as I've done in this little tutorial by clicking the little icon in the bar above this text that looks like a picture frame next to Link.  

Experiment with the various formatting choices in the bar at the top.  If you let your cursor linger on an icon it will tell you what it does. For example:

Just follow the directions which are pretty self explanatory.

Once you publish the post you can edit or remove it should you change your mind. Hope this helps and have fun.

Oh, here's a neighbor's back yard.  I was on my way to my boat (which is fine) when I snapped this. No one knows who owns the boat!  Still, we love living here.