Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work In Progress

I thought I'd start this for the fun of it.  You have to be registered to post and I probably left someone out so let me know if you'd like to add anyone.  Also, if you'd rather not participate just let me know and I can remove your address.

You can always send private emails to posters if you prefer.  This will take a while to get it right but it does give a central location for whatever we want it to be used for.

And if no one likes it I can remove it as easily as I set it up.  The address for the blog is  thewaxmansblog.blogspot.com. Just go to this address, login and post whatever you want for all the Waxmans to see.  It gives us the option of following the conversation or not.  Also, I'm happy to add any spouses as members.  Just let me know the email addresses of those who might like to post topics for discussion.

See you.